Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to get to the venue
A. Please note that CECO (Changwon Convention Center, Changwon-city) is the address.
You can get to the venue by either bus or train.
Please visit https://www.airport.kr/ap_cnt/en/tpt/pblctpt/pblctpt.do and you will see how to get to CECO by bus or train.
Mainly, it is as of below.

Train 1. Incheon Airport -> Changwon KTX Station (3~3.5 hours)
2. Changwon KTX Station -> CECO (10-15 minutes by car)

Bus Changwon Bus terminal->CECO (5 minutes car)
More information can be found at Information-Transport and Accommodation
Q. How is independent booth different from standard booth?
A. Dear client,
Independent booth build-up is done by exhibitors on their own.
Therefore, there are some optional files exhibitors for independt booth must send, which can be found in Manual (Exhibitors-Application for Participation)
Q. When can exhibitors start to build and prepare booth?
A. Dear client,
This is on 9. 4. 2019.
We will distribute entrance card on 9. 4. 2019. in front of exhibition hall.
Please always take entrance card with you.
Q. What is the list of required and optional files?
A. Dear client,
For participating at CECO exhibition, there are required and optional files to be sent.
We will send guidance email to exhibitors after applying regarding this information.
Please check each file and send by due dates.
Q. What is the process of participation?
A. Dear client,
Application By August 31st -> 50% of down payment within 7 days after applying -> 50% final payment by August 30st