Guidance for Visitors

About Exhibition

Name 2019 Changwon International Exhibition on Hydrogen Energy (H2WORLD 2019)
Date September 4(Wed) ~ 6(Fri), 2019 (3 days)
Location Changwon Convention Center (CECO),Gyeongsangnam-Province, Republic of Korea.
Hosted by H2WORLD Organizing Committee, National Assembly New Renewable Energy Forum, Future Development Forum
Organized by H2WORLD Organizing Committee
(H2 Korea, The Korean Hydrogen & New Energy Society, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association, H2 Knowledge Group, Changwon City, Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, and Changwon University)

How to visit

Visitors need 2 name cards in order to enter the venue.
Visitors can either register in advance or on site. General visitors such as students will take ‘Visitor’ entrance card.

Advance Registration

  • 01. Advance Registration
  • 02. Confirmation on site2 name cards needed
  • 03. Release of entrance card

Takes 1 minute

On-site Registration

  • 01. On-site Registration2 name cards needed
  • 02. Release of entrance card

Takes 5~10 minutes

Ticket price

  • H2WORLD Exhibition is free, and please always take entrance card with you.